Generals of Armageddon!
Generals of Armageddon!
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Generals of Armageddon Game Rules
If you are in doubt of any of the points below or have been banned, please contact your Administrators e-Mail.
Note that complaints and inquires regarding particular accounts will only be disclosed to their owners for privacy reasons.
Each player is allowed to control no more then a single account. If two or more accounts are usually, occasionally, or permanently being played from the same network Administrator's must be notified, without exception. If you play in a network it is forbidden - under all circumstances - to get in touch with the other account(s) on your IP. Meaning you cannot attack them.
Account Sharing
Each account is entitled to be played by a single player at a time.
Feeding is forbidden.
Pushing, Pulling and Feeding is the same process, just in opposite directions. For the purpose of this rule we will use the term Feeding to describe transfer in either direction. Feeding is defined as attacking a friend or some one intentionally to get more in game wealth/money/gold. There are no service contracts. No bodyguards.
Using a bug for profit intentionally or not reporting a bug intentionally is strictly forbidden. ( Please note this section of forums! )
Using a program as interface between the player and his game is prohibited. Any other form of automatically generated information generated for a group of players advantage with malicious intentions is forbidden as well. This includes but is not limited to: * Bots * Macros * Opera web browser Only exceptions to this are programs that are expressly approved by Noob-Inc.
A player logging in through a cell phone must notify the Administrator of the game he may be playing in. A player logging in and playing with a proxy must notify an Administrator. Proxies are not permitted for use on any part of the game.
Abuse of the rules and their applications
Any form, way and or any attempt to get personal profit unfairly out of any staff member's decision is forbidden.This includes but is not limited to: * Reporting messages that do not break or point at any breaking of the rules. * Impersonating or claiming to be staff with or without intentions of personal profit.
Any situation intended to saturate a players interface through any method is forbidden.This includes but is not limited to: * Personal Messages spam * Advertising other games or content
Anything that causes offense by being of an unacceptable quality that may hurt an individuals integrity is strictly forbidden. The standards in the game environment will be set by the Administrator. Content might be censored, punished in a temporary or permanent basis; no complaints will be processed about this and as always the final word will be with the game team.
The game publisher reserves the right to exclude players from outside the publishing country or these ones who are not able to speak the respective native language. This includes, but is not limited to, Game, Board and official IRC chat-rooms. It is forbitten to write any kind of texts in other languages than english. This includes, but is not limited to, ingame-messages and personal information of characters page. Non-english and nicknames are allowed.
Itīs forbidden to name oneself like a member of our team or a current user. This rules does not appear, if the team member joined the team after you created your account. It is forbidden in anyway to tell an other player that you were a staff member or another user. Any violation against this rule will be punished with a permanent ban.
Please read the Terms and Conditions as well.
We reserve the right to change these Game Rules at any time. It is your responsibility to keep up to date.