Generals of Armageddon!
Generals of Armageddon!
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General help
Come here, register and chat with all the other people who play Big Bright games.
Here you can see all of your recent attacks made, defended attacks and in-game clicks recieved.
Click Helper
This is an automatic system that helps you click everyone recruiter link in the game.
Remember you can only click ONCE every 12 hours.
Control Panel
Here you change various setting of your account and player/user status.
Private Messages
The in-game messaging feature. Here you message other users.
The page in which you can view your account status, player/user information and other statistics.
Here you view all other players thru-out the attack pages, and various stats of theirs.
Here You purchase attack and defense weapons for your army.
Here you can store your gained/made in-game cash.
You can make deposits, withdrawls, and make loans.
You also gain an interest % from the bank per turn.
Here you can purchase upgrades to increase your stats.
Here you can train or purchase soldiers to enlarge your army size.
Here you can also set your army to offense/defense or untrained to increase their effectiveness to your play style.
Black Market
Here you can trade you Black Credits for in-game bonuses.
This is an in-game Recruiter.
List of previous game winners and records.
General FAQ
Basic gameplay
Q- How do i increase my soldier count?

A- The click helper twice a day is an excellent way to increase your soldiers.
You can also post your recruiting link around the internet to try and get more clicks per day.
Each click is 3 soldiers.
You can also upgrade your growth levels to recieve 2 soldiers per turn per level plus 1 for default to a maximum of 21 soldiers per turn.
If you get people to become your officers you will recieve one click for every click they recieve up to 100 per day.
Q- What is the bank good for?

A- The bank is good to save your money up so you cannot be raided.
The bank accumulates interest every turn. Quickly adding up if you upgrade this.
The bank is not raidable by other users. Only you can access your bank.
Q- What are black credits and how do i earn them?

A- Black credits are ingame rewards for doing game functions. Play alot and you will have alot.
Black credits can be exchanged for bonus items or statistics.
Q- What is my link and what is it for?

Your link is to give you bonuses and to help get new users in the game.
Post it around the internet on your other games and accounts.
Get your family to register. Yes, your brother can play. Just tell an admin.
Post it at link exchange sites.

Strategies and other help
Welcome to Generals of Armageddon.

If you have ever played an online mmorpg before forget them.
Addictive - GoA offers pretty much non stop grinding/attacking.
Whats the point? Well, if you didn\'t read the story, the point is to build your army to be the strongest and rule the land of Generals!
How do i get to be the strongest? There are quite a few ways to get there. While i can\'t say what is best because overall it depends on you.


Attack and bank it all. Manipulating the interest rates and upgrading them at key times while attacking alot and saving all of your money for a big portion of the current battle will prove you to guarantee a dominant force later on.

Attack and spend your money on defensive weapons while leaving the most part of your army untrained to recieve a good portion of income per turn. If you can be around to keep most of it or build a defense that no one can beat this will be a dominant army all battle long.

Attack and spend your money on attack power and try to raid the top defenses or anyone while they are spending their money. This is considered an evil tactic but powerful if you can be merciless and swift!

There are many many more strategies. Pick your own and mix it up.
All strategies include for free black credits, bank and turns.

- Voting.
- Using the click helper as often as possible.
- Using the recruiter every day.
- Getting your link clicked externally through your friends or family. - Getting people to register under you.

While soldiers are the key to any army. Upgrading your growth level will help alot. I do not recommend buying soldiers until end game time when you possibly have more money than you have soldiers to buy weapons for.
The strongest weapons are the most cost efficient.
Attack and bank each time to ensure you dont get raided yourself!
Using two windows makes attacking and banking MUCH easier.