Generals of Armageddon!
Generals of Armageddon!
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Generals of Armageddon!

Fast! Free! Addicting!

This is an RPG that goes to another level. Built by someone who has played rpg's for over 25 years.
Once you get past the lol graphics the amazing gameplay and in depth upgrading will have you wanting more.

Players can edit the entire layout to customize their experience!!

What is this? Ever play Command and Conquer or AOE? That's what this is. Without the graphics, lag, and player limitations.
Build an army. Put untrained soldiers to work for money or attack other users and steal theirs!
Buy weapons focus on attack or defense or both! Many upgrades and class specific abilities to suit any playstyle and become King of the land!
Ingame message system to taunt your enemies or communicate with allies to destroy another user! PVP who is the fastest, smartest, and diplomatic?
Utilize the ingame bank to store money and gain interest. External links to recruit your friends!
5 minute turn based game. Smooth, flawless, and fast gaming. Designed by a lifetime gamer looking for the best and couldn't find it. So he created it.
Sure the graphics suck and are insignificant, but that's why he added a panel for you to customize your own display. Wait what? Oh yes. :)
Give it a chance and be amazed if you like strategy games that involve pvp with lot's of grinding.
Guesstimation on how long a battle lasts if there will be resets. We are thinking 6 months currently.
Long ago in the land of Karnage there was a wise and great emperor. He kept peace through all of the kingdom.

One stormy night the eternity long enemy of the Mercenaries launched a surprise attack!! Unprepared for the battle campaign the Mercenaries easily swept through the Warlords and assassinated their Great King. While the Mercenaries controlled the newly conquered land of the Warlords, many surviving Warlords started gathering together vast armies and eventually ran the Mercenaries back out of the land.

However, now internal wars begin between these great generals of Karnage. Each one of them fighting to become ruler of all! Few realize that these wars have run forever. Thousands of years later. Here you are. what is your destiny general? Can you prove once and for all that YOU are the one to lead the land of Karnage back into peace through your iron fist? Play now. And compete for your spot at the top!
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Generals of Armageddon!

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